Mineral Sea Salt ripened for 3 years.
A Sea Salt that has been ripened for 3 years which was adjusted to 7~8% water content using our own drying system in Haeyeareum corporation. It is a premium Sea Salt which contains its original rough textures of mineral through the omission of dehydration or washing stage and only applying the stages to remove the impurities. The stage to remove the impurities from the salt is repeated twice until the salt is clean.
The mud flat in western sea is one of the world’s 5 largest mud flats.
Gift of natural environment
Haeyeareum Co., Ltd receives mineral sea salt from the salt pond located in the mud flat off the shore of Mt.
Chilsan, the clean and uncontaminated sea of Docho, Jeonnam, which is well known as the home of dried yellow corvina.
As this salt pond receives a lot of sunshine and the wind constantly blowing from the coast of Mt.
Chilsan, it has natural environment for the production of premium sea salt.
Certificate and ingredient analysis table
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