Premium bay salt brand
The pure salt LO stands for the Chinese character meaning of (salt) and (salt field).
It is a premium bay salt brand only in haeyeareum and contains the three philosophies of our brand.
A masterpiece created by a perfectionist craftsman
Anyone can eat bay salt, but the product LO
and 'Wind Sunshine' from haeyeareum corporation is
chosen by the customers who recognize good quality bay salts.
  • 01
    We care about ‘environment’.
    Haeyeareum only uses recyclable eco-friendly
    materials for all packages to keep the
    environment clean for our next generations.
  • 02
    We care about ‘health’.
    Instant and fast food products contain chemical
    additives to lengthen the expiration date and to
    increase the taste. These products created for people
    who live in a busy modern society is not enough
    nutrition to protect the health of our family.

    Haeyeareum strictly uses only the pure and safe edibles
    from the nature to share the traditional taste and to
    care about the health of all our families and to
    keep our foods nutritious.
  • 03
    We contain ‘sincerity’.
    Each and every one of our products are packed
    with the sincerity of a craftsmanship that contains
    the sweat of effort and tradition of the farmers
    and fishermen to supply better quality food by
    fighting over the hot sunlights, rainstorms,
    waves and cold waves.
Factory : 1520, Seonammun-ro, Docho-myeon,Sinan-gun, Jeollanam-do, Republic of Korea
Seoul Office : Room 902, 9th floor, Magok Central Tower, 759 Magok-dong, Gangseo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
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